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AΦE’s Online Creative Programme

VR, AR and XR technologies and the experiences they provide are becoming increasingly popular in many industries such as architecture, entertainment, construction, training, healthcare and transport. Similarly, performing arts is also benefiting from these new technologies to imagine and create performances that could never have been done without them.

In this online creative programme, AΦE hope to inspire those who are already working in the creative industries or anyone interested in working with creative media. As they are not technologists, their approach to these tools remains creative. AΦE are driven by the audience experience and want to provide/use the technology so it serves the performance. But understanding the technology and its restrictions is key, to push the boundaries of what tech would be able to offer. Exchange and communication with great technical collaborators is also the crucial seeding part for the best harvest of creative solutions and ideas.

 AΦE are going to offer a series of free online creative learning sessions based on our 2 major creations WHIST and 0AR.


There are different programmes available.

  • WHIST Artist’s Talk + Q&A
  • 0AR Artist’s talk + Q&A
  • 360 filmmaking workshop

All the workshops will be held on Zoom and registration is required for all sessions. These workshops are supported by Arts Council England and free of charge. Click here to book. If you have any questions please contact aecreativeworkshops@gmail.com.