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BCC: Belfast Peace IV Plan consultation

As a follow up to the Peace IV tendering and consortium building sessions you can find the Peace IV opportunities for Belfast presentation here.

The EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation is a unique structural funds programme aimed at reinforcing progress towards a peaceful and stable society in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland.

The PEACE IV Programme will provide support to projects that contribute towards the promotion of greater levels of peace and reconciliation. The Programme will also place a strong emphasis on promoting cross community relations and understanding to create a more cohesive society.

BCC has developed a draft local action plan (Belfast Peace IV Plan) which focuses on three priority themes:

• children and young people

• shared spaces and services

• building positive relations

BCC has consulted on their proposed PEACE IV plan for the city and based on the outcome of this they have submitted a PEACE IV Local Action Plan bid for funding under the PEACE IV Programme.

If the application is successful and BCC receives funding from SEUPB, the PEACE IV Programme will present many opportunities for people across the city to contribute to peace and reconciliation.

The city’s residents will have the opportunity to participate in projects, engage in addressing local issues and become involved in the networks and forums established through the specific projects.

There may also be a number of tender opportunities for local organisations and community and voluntary sector groups submit a bid, in line with PEACE IV requirements and regulations.

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