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BlackLight Productions Free Resources for Children

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Blacklight are delighted to offer rehearsed reads, character & thematic studies, original composition, and complete design sessions for a range of curricular plays.

The purpose of the ‘Isolation Creations’ is to help educators and students during the Covid-19 Crisis. These resources are available free of charge to schools and/or parents of secondary level students, and have been developed based on close engagement with past papers and assessment objectives.  The resource packs are free and centre around a range of curricular plays. Each resource pack contains:

  • A recorded, rehearsed read of the play;
  • Character studies & thematic discussion, led by our director and based around past exam questions;
  • A full design session for the play with our Lighting, Set, Costume, and Sound Designers;
  • Original composition developed for this project.

To find out more or request a resource pack, click here.