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British Association of Art Therapists: Lecture on Peace Building in Traumatised Communities: The Role of Art and Cultural Work

The British Association of Art Therapists are hosting a Public Lecture by Dr Eugen Koh.

Friday 28 September 2018 at 1.00pm, Conor Lecture Theatre (BA-01-009), Belfast School of Art, Ulster University

Title: Peace Building in Traumatised Communities: The Role of Art and Cultural Work

Dr Koh states:

“The presentation will bring together my work with the traumatised aboriginal communities of Central Australian desert, my thinking about some of the issues that I have been thinking about in relation to the situation in Northern Ireland as a result of my visits over the past few years. A central idea that I will be exploring is the cultural work that traumatised communities need to do in order to move out of their regressed position and discover new symbology that is adaptive to their present situation, a symbology that does not deny the past but bridges the past with the present. I will discuss how the aboriginal communities work to link the past dreamtime stories of thousands of years with their present predicament. I will also present what is known about the psychology of traumatised communities.”

Dr Koh is a psychiatrist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Artist. He was Director of the Dax Centre (daxcentre.org.au) for 12 years, an organisation dedicated to the use of art to promote mental health. During his time as Director of the Dax Centre, Dr Koh summarises that he:

“had over those years taken a special interest in art of traumatic experience, working closely with a range of traumatised communities. I continue to work with traumatised Aboriginal communities in the central desert of Australia and am involved in promoting the use of art for mental health in Japan at a collective level in strategic policy development.”

This lecture will be of interest to: those involved with the provision of mental health services, art therapists and artists, creative therapists, community arts and conflict resolution, researchers, anthropologists and sociologists, and students-in-training for these professions.

This promises to be an interesting and informative presentation with time for discussion and interaction. All welcome! Please email baatni@gmail.com to let us know you are attending.