They are looking for a male performer for the RnD of ‘Us Against The World,’ a new show by Rosie Race. This is her first show as lead artist on a project supported by Arts Council England.

It will take place in Exeter and Plymouth over 13 days.

Fee:  £1300

+ pre-arranged/paid for digs with a host family

(fully vaccinated)

£160 towards travel expenses.

Rosie’s work is poetic, absurd and darkly comic. She uses humour, physical theatre, clown and realism to explore difficult subjects. Instagram @rosierace

The applicant must:

  • Have strong physical training
  • Have a playing age between 32-40
  • Be adept at moving between realism, clown and the highly theatrical
  • Be comfortable with singing and vocal experimentation
  • Be daring and playful with a sense of humour
  • Be a skilled and confident improviser
  • A sensitive and respectful collaborator
  • Comfortable exploring the themes of the work
  • Happy to reduce Covid risk in the 2 week run up to/ and during rehearsals and take regular LFT’s

The health and mental well being of the performer will always be a priority and great care will be taken when dealing with sensitive material.

‘Us Against the World’ will be an ambitious show that smashes distorted, normalised & even idealised beliefs that society teaches us about romance & love which can lead to abusive relationships, domestic violence & even death.

It is a story about the colossal strength it takes to break free from psychological domestic abuse.

The R&D will consist of exploring movement, writing, dramaturgy, story-telling, tech & song.

Application Deadline:  Thursday 10th February 2022

Response: Tuesday 15th February 2022

Audition Date: Monday 28th February 2022

Project Dates Period: TBC 28th March – 13th April

Performances: 14/15/16th April

To apply send a CV, link to your work (video/insta/web) or previous work and a short expression of interest in a format that works for you (voice note/video/writing) to