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Catch up with episode six from the FringeCast – Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society ?

The first episode of the 2020 FringeCast show is now live, so you can catch up with everything you need to know about registering your Fringe show.

Download the podcast edition ?

You can download episode six from all the usual places. Just head to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or search for #FringeCast in your regular podcast provider.

Watch the episode on YouTube ?

If you prefer you can watch the episode 6 recording on YouTube.

You can also catch up with the rest of the series:

Get in touch ?

  • Is there a topic you’d like them to cover?
  • Got any questions about what they have discussed so far?
  • Or just want to say hi?

Drop them an email at fringecast@edfringe.com, follow then on Twitter or Instagram or share what you think using #FringeCast.

FringeCast would love to hear from you ☺️