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Centre Stage +20: A Report on Youth Theatre in Ireland has launched!

On Friday 22nd November, Centre Stage +20: A Report on Youth Theatre in Ireland, was launched at the all-Ireland Youth Theatre Symposium at University College Cork.

Centre Stage +20 is the third major national study of youth theatre undertaken by Youth Theatre Ireland. It updates findings from Centre Stage (1998) and Centre Stage +10 (2009). Researched and written by Youth Theatre Ireland’s Research and Development Officer, Rhona Dunnett, the report examines youth theatre under the following headings:

  • Youth theatre structures, funding and resources;
  • Youth theatre practice and programming;
  • Youth theatre members and leaders;
  • Outcomes of participation in youth theatre

The most highly reported outcomes of participation in youth theatre include: improved acting and theatre skills; increased levels of creativity and creative confidence; increased levels of friendship and inclusion; and increased confidence and self-esteem. With ‘fun’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘respect’ ranked as the most important values underpinning youth theatre, findings include how youth theatre is contributing to the cultural inclusion of rural young people, LGBTI+ young people and young people with a range of disabilities.

The research findings also highlight the need for access to funding opportunities that can support the cost of core youth theatre activities.

To access the report, click here

The report can also be downloaded in full or by chapter from youththeatre.ie