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Donegal Culture & Creativity Grants Scheme 2020

The Donegal Culture & Creativity Grants Scheme 2020 promotes collaboration and fosters creativity as envisaged in the Creative Ireland programme.  Creative Ireland is a culture-based programme designed to promote individual, community and national well-being.  Local Authorities across the country, including Donegal County Council, are working in partnership with Creative Ireland to deliver Pillar 2 of the Creative Ireland programme that aims to ‘Enable Creativity in Every Community’.  Creative Ireland defines culture as “The shared values, patterns of behaviour, customs and forms of expression that characterise different social groups and communities at any given time”.

The Donegal Culture & Creativity Grants Scheme 2020 encourages cooperation and collaboration between communities and heritage specialists, artists, culture professionals and/or creative industries to preserve, conserve, research, practice, exhibit, perform, instruct, engage, enhance, promote or address an aspect of the material or non-material culture in an original, imaginative or creative way.  The grants scheme addresses the Culture & Creativity Strategy for County Donegal to “seek to create local funding schemes where there is an identified need” (Action 3.8).  Up to 15 grants of €2,000 are available and this funding is provided through the Creative Ireland programme which is supported by the Department of Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht and Donegal County Council.

Assessment Criteria:

Proposed projects will be assessed based on their ability to:

  • address an aspect of culture, heritage or arts in an imaginative, innovative or creative way (20%);
  • support the implementation of actions in the Culture & Creativity Strategy for County Donegal – see creativeireland.gov.ie/donegal (15%);
  • encourage engagement and work with culture professionals, heritage specialists, creatives and/or local communities (20%);
  • support existing and new communities to practice, and to engage with, culture, heritage or the arts (15%);
  • outline how the project will be implemented, its outputs and how the project will be delivered within the timeframe (25%);
  • indicate investment of other funding, your own resources and/or in-kind contributions (5%).

For further information:

Culture & Creativity Strategy for County Donegal: www.creativeireland.gov.ie/donegal

Creative Ireland: https://creative.ireland.ie

Applications must be submitted by e-mail as an attachment in a Word document to: creativeireland@donegalcoco.ie

by Friday, 31 January 2020 at 12 noon.

 Late applications will not be accepted.

Project must be completed and funding drawn down by Friday, 2 October 2020 at 12 noon.