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extraORDINARYwomen: Linen Hall Library Project

extraORDINARYwomen: Supporting Communities (1965 – today) is a ground-breaking heritage project which will digitally preserve and make accessible online a selection of the Library’s world-renowned archives focusing on the lived experience of women in Northern Ireland since 1965.

Drawing on the Library’s unique archives – including political, literary, theatre and performing arts, Traveller and LGBTQ+ collections – and objects and ephemera such as posters, badges, t-shirts, placards etc. – the project will elucidate the experience of ‘ordinary’ women positively supporting and influencing their communities during the ‘extraordinary normality’ of the times.

An exciting outreach programme will share this heritage through impactful community engagement including workshops, exhibitions, living library and pop-up events. Click here for information about upcoming events and how you can be involved.

A key objective of the project is to enhance the Library’s collections on females in theatre and performing arts and increase the presence of women in the archives through donated materials which speak to the project themes of activism and women affecting change. If you believe you would have archive or ephemeral materials, and objects which would give great insight into the period the Library would love it if you would consider sharing these with the Linen Hall through donation. You would not only be making a very significant contribution to this important project but would also be preserving and making accessible key materials for future generations thus contributing to a more complete history of women in Northern Ireland.


Alistair Gordon, Senior Archive Assistant: a.gordon@linenhall.com
Contact Alistair about donations to the collection