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Fabien Prioville Dance Company Rendez-Vous at Festival Tokyo 2020

Rendez-Vouz goes Festival Tokyo 2020! Despite all the limitations, international cultural exchange is possible again. For the new version of Rendez-Vous Fabien Prioville worked together with dancers from Japan, who he selected via online auditions. Rendez-Vous will be presented in November at the Festival Tokyo 2020. Read more about it here.


The choreography by Fabien Prioville is recorded on site by a 360 ° camera. The resulting film becomes visible to the viewer as a virtual reality with VR glasses and can be played as often as required and without technical support for the audience. With the new technological possibilities, the viewer experience goes beyond the conventional, two-dimensional recording and offers a real alternative to reality – just the virtual reality. The accustomed viewing experience of the viewer is challenged and the VR glasses offer a new perspective of experiencing and participating in contemporary dance. The installation is a play with the senses, for although the location of the virtual performance is the same as the physical of the viewer, through the VR technology it enters a new perception of space and dance.

The project deals not only physically, but also virtually with the reception of contemporary dance. The proximity to the dancer body is made tangible in a way never before known. Interfaces and boundaries between theater, dance, space, the public, movement and perception are expanded and challenged by the new aspect of virtual reality.

The tension between physical live experience and media-produced, virtual reality offers choreographers, dancers and spectators a challenge and unknown potential for a new way of perceiving dance.
Concept / Choreography: Fabien Prioville
Dancers:  Midori Kondo, Asako Tanaka, Satoshi Nakagawa, Yuya Yoshizaki
Music: UZAWA
Rehearsal Director: Azusa Seyama
Filimg & Editing: Global Japan Corporation
Production Coordinators: Momoka Yunoki, Miki Kanai
In spezial cooperation with: Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka
Management / PR: Alexandra Schmidt