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Green Arts Collective Update: Theatre Green Book

Making Theatre Sustainable – The Green Book


The most updated Theatres Trust draft ‘Theatre Green Book’ on sustainable productions is available here now https://theatregreenbook.com! This publication is the first stage of an initiative being promoted to encourage theatre companies and theatres who are planning future productions to trial this Sustainable Productions guidance and feedback to them so that the guidance can be further developed, find out how it works in variety of ‘real-world’ settings and hope it can become a shared resource.

Hopefully, those producing theatre productions will find it useful as they begin to think and plan for reopening shows.

Groups and individuals across theatre have been talking for some time about how to make theatre more sustainable, and working on blueprints to promote change. This initiative aims to bring that thinking together into one place, and develop it as straightforward, practical advice on the first steps everyone should be taking to:
• Make theatre buildings sustainable
• Make front of house operations sustainable
• Make theatre production sustainable
Led by architect Paddy Dillon, and supported by the National Theatre, Theatres Trust and many others, the goal is a ‘Green Book’ of guidance for sustainable theatre. We hope it can become a shared resource, widely disseminated, recognised, owned and understood across theatre.

Theatre and Dance Northern Ireland  is a supporter of the Theatre Green Book. The Theatre Green Book has brought together theatre-makers and sustainability experts to create a common standard for making theatre sustainably.

The Green Book will have three volumes:

• Sustainable Productions

• Sustainable Buildings

• Sustainable Operations.

Sustainable Productions is available now in a beta version for trialling. We encourage theatre-makers to start working with it as they plan re-opening shows, and feed back their experience. Click here to find the Theatre Green Book.

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