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Greta Kelly: My Internship with TheatreNI


My name is Greta, I am from Belfast and I am just about to start my third year studying English Literature and French at the University of St. Andrews.

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to volunteer as an intern with TheatreNI. Throughout my time in the office I have had the chance to get involved with a broad range of projects and have learnt a lot about the breadth of the Arts sector across Northern Ireland.

Whilst I did everything from writing e-mails to pulling raffle winners my main responsibilities focused around ‘Tourbook’, an online platform which helps to facilitate touring artists across Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Working on this project involved looking into; how to analyse a proposal, building marketing strategies and researching the current landscape of the theatre sector in Northern Ireland. All things which I had never done before! What struck me most about working on ‘Tourbook’ was discovering all of the art which is available around me, as well as learning about the challenges of producing theatre within a smaller network.

I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Caoileann Curry-Thompson as she takes up her new role as development officer for Drama and Dance with the Arts Council. I think that this was the one of the most enjoyable experiences I had as an intern. Her natural sense of humour and obvious passion for live performance made for a really interesting discussion, and some great advice about pursuing a career in the arts.

Working with Theatre NI has not only shown me the range of jobs and opportunities which are available in the Theatre sector, beyond the performance itself, but has taught me a lot about how the community functions as a whole. I really hope I will be able to take with me everything that I have learnt from all of the brilliant people I met over the past few weeks and I am so grateful for having been welcomed into such a kind and supportive team.