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IETM Feedback

TheatreNI member, Caoileann Curry Thompson received one of our bursaries (supported by Belfast City Council) to attend the IETM conference in Munich, in November. She shares some of her thoughts below:

“I wanted to find new avenues for making and sharing my art. I deepened my understanding of the European performance scene and the ways in which theatre is made, produced, financed and toured. All of this will inform my future career. Similarly, the relationships I built with producers and practitioners hold promise for exploring new ways of making and sharing my work.”

“I am pleased that the immersion in dialogue on contemporary European theatre practice has tested and challenged my own views of theatre and consequently my own practice. The conversations were inspiring and motivational; they also galvanised my sense of my own practice and its value. It helped to reinforce my own tastes, preoccupations and ambitions, whilst also giving a supportive context for some of my ideas which are in the early stages of development.”

Full reports from IETM bursary recipients will be made available on the website soon.