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Irish Modern Dance Theatre

John Scott’s company brings back its first live indoor show since 2019 with the hugely successful ‘Hyperactive 2020’- running 30th September – 3rd October.

Originally commissioned by Galway International Arts Festival in 2013 and later performed at Dublin Dance Festival in 2014, this live, high-energy human dance installation, with wild street energy and virtuosity brings audiences back into a theatre setting to see an exciting dance performance. HYPERACTIVE is hugely athletic, funny and exciting and was a huge success at La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival, New York, 2015 where it was listed as one of “New York’s most memorable cultural events” by Infinite Body Dance Blog of the distinguished Dance writer, Eva Yaa Asantewaa.

Choreography: John Scott

Lighting Design: Eric Wurtz | Re-light by Gearóid Ó Hallmhuráin

Dancers include: Diarmuid Armstrong Maycock, Kevin Coquelard, Conor Thomas Doherty, Minte Getachew, Dylan Holly, Rebecca Reilly


“Hyperactive… teeming with dance energy and boyish glee. Under John Scott’s instruction, their red tennis shoes and immaculate whites are soon bearing all the marks of the get-down-and-dirty dance. It is highly charged, wonderfully high-octane exhibitionistic fun, an entertaining sugar rush for all involved” – Seona Mac Reamoinn /The Irish Times

“As a writer, I will never keep up with what John Scott’s dancers do in HYPERACTIVE… Scott’s sense of funny scrambles over any flimsy barrier… The work embraces transparency and anti-virtuosity in its raucousness, its grin at failure, its refusal to go anywhere near pretty payoff or uplift… And four butts are worked off, relentlessly, for the entire fifty minutes” – Eva Yaa Asantewaa/Infinite Body, New York

For more information and to buy tickets see HERE.