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Kat Woods- Prague Summer School Experience

Kat received funding from TheatreNI to attend the summer school in Prague. This is what she thought of her experience:

“I had never been to Prague before attending the summer school and was totally in awe of the city and indeed the facilities at the school itself.

As a writer/director I wanted to really push my boundaries in performance and devising work, these are the areas of theatre making that I most wanted to explore. The summer school provided me with the opportunity to fully release these skills.

Week one: Theory-based: working with a number of ateliers and European specialists in their fields. Discussing and dissecting topics that ranged from projection, dance, view points, sociological theory in practice and social specific theatre.

Half way through week one we were spilt into our specific Ateliers.  It was here I learned how to navigate programmes such as Samplr and Ableton. Transforming live everyday sounds into music and beats. Working with the equipment to establish playing sound live in performance.

Week two saw us split into workable groups. My group consisted of four people from totally different backgrounds bringing skills from each atelier together. We created a piece together exploring the space and delving into each other’s histories for commonalities. To create a 15 minute piece of theatre that we connected over.

It was a wonderful experience and I have made friends for life from various parts of the world.”