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Love to Dance Fund – Skills Share Participant’s experience

The #Love To DANCE Fund aims to foster excellence by providing dance teachers/facilitators with small grants of financial assistance to help with accessing best practice training opportunities outside of Northern Ireland. This training is what best suits the individual and what they feel would best develop their practice as an artist or facilitator. Following training completion, each recipient participates in an informal skill sharing session to share their new skills with other dance practitioners. 

Due to Covid-19, this years skills sharing was done via Zoom. Theatre and Dance NI would like to congratulate each of the participants for their incredible achievement and share this with you. Below outlines the details of each participants experience through the fund and how they used the money to develop their self as an artist.  

Theresa Weir 

The focus for Theresa’s’ skills training, with “Move it or Lose It” relates to her Role as a Community Dance Practitioner, where she became curious about how different health conditions impacted on older people, sometimes making them reluctant to exercise. Theresa felt the need to build on her existing knowledge, experience and skills to better understand and support this particular group.   

The key focus of the “Move it or Lose It” skills training covers the importance of Flexibility, Aerobic, Balance and Strength.  As a structured exercise programme, it took into account the specific needs of older adults in relation to physical activity and exercise and how to both devise and deliver safe, considered and effective exercise sessions to meet their needs. 

In the future, Theresa aims to embark on another training programme through the same company and continues to use the skills she has learnt in the previous to better her facilitation.   

 Maeve McGreevy  

London Tango Long Weekend 2019 Performance  


 The Love To Dance fund enabled Maeve to organise workshops in London with one of the world’s leading Argentine folkore dancers, Emilio Cornejo. She was able to arrange study with him personally in order to then assist in classes and performance and begin building a professional relationship with him as a mentor. This opportunity opened many doors artistically for Maeve as well as highlighting the skills required to build a community from scratch and sustain it. The work continues in both London and Belfast with much hope and excitement for the future! 

Looking to the future, Maeve has applied for ACNI further funding to return and train once again with Emelio Cornejo in Finland, developing their relationship through engaging in a cross cultural participatory project.  

 Suzannah McCreight  

Suzannah used her Love To DANCE fund to participate in a one on one class with Marina CollardMarina Collard is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist with a practice at Trinity LabanHealth Clinic. Suzannah wanted to discover more about Craniosacral Therapy and how this can develop your posture and performanceThe training centred highly on the Fascia  a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. She discovered how the tissue does more than provide internal structure; the fasciahas nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin and you can discover this through specific exercises that Suzannah has now made key within her own practice as well as her facilitation work.  

Looking to the future, Suzannah would love to share her personal development with others in the sector and is hoping to get Marina to return to Belfast to facilitate a session.  

 We would like to once again thank all our Love To DANCE recipients who fully emersed themselves into the process and have developed their practice furtherCongratulations and best wishes for your next adventure! 

 If you would like to find out more about the Love To DANCE fund and how to apply please contact Molly at projects@theatreanddanceni.org