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Mode of Capture Symposium

This May, Liz Roche Company have joined forces with the Dublin Dance Festival and The Irish World Academy, University of Limerick to bring you the Modes of Capture Symposium 2020.

The two day event will take place online as part of Dublin Dance Festival’s  Digital Capsule. Local and international artists, practitioners and scholars will gather together over May 29th & 30th to explore how dance artists exchange knowledge and experiences across distance and time, and asks how we might reimagine these ways of artistic exchange and connection in light of our current social and environmental realities.  

Symposium themes include:

  • How do we embody and transmit movement legacies from dancer to dancer and from generation to generation?
  • What are the knowledges honed through dancing practices and how can we bring them to light?
  • How might we reimagine ways of artistic exchange in an uncertain future where international travel may become increasingly restricted due to shifting borders, climate change and other global issues?