A connector and residency programme to matchmake dancers and creative technologists to explore the potential of remote motion capture collaboration.

Where: Online

When: April to September 2022

Deadline for applications: 18th February 2022

We are very happy to launch an artist open-call for our AHRC-funded project to build an international network for remote, virtual digital dance collaboration. We are looking for applications from both digital artists and dancers for a 6-month virtual residency, ending with a showcase symposium in September/October 2022.

We will run a connector programme to matchmake dancers with creative technologists and then supply them with a full motion capture system, asset kits, a bursary payment of $6,000, and training, support, and mentorship for five projects, for a full 6-month period.

The goal of this project is not only to connect dancers across the globe through our mocap streamer tool, but also to open doors to a diverse group of practitioners who might not previously have had the opportunity to engage with digital dance. We’d love to see applications from ethnically diverse groups, incorporating young, disabled, queer, or indigenous artists – the more geographically distributed the five projects are, the better!

How to apply: Details and submission form on our website: https://www.mocapstreamer.live/open-call

Free for participants.

Contact details: daniel.strutt@gold.ac.uk

For further information, please visit https://www.mocapstreamer.live/