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‘Pic n Mix’ Workshops at the Old Museum!

There will be a series of workshops running with Catch a Grip Theatre Company in the Old Museum, Belfast from the 5th – 8th March 2020.

‘Pic n Mix’ incorporates a range of different practitioners and styles, with an emphasis on European technique that’s been learnt while training internationally and is now being brought back to Belfast.

Aaron Hickland’s Clowning Class for Class Clowns

Thursday 5th March – 6pm till 9pm – Cost of space

Become a metaphorical guinea pig for Aaron Hickland’s blend of French, British and Native American clowning style.

Introduction to Hungarian Physical Theatre Devising with Henrik Nagy

Fri 6th March to Sun 8th March – 10am till 5pm – £70 (including company meal on Sun Night)

Are you ready for a cross continent trek through Henriks devising process, influenced by his Romany Gypsy Roots?

Physical Theatre Sports Sessions

Fri 6th March – 6pm till 9pm – £10

Mixing actors and sports players, we ask the question: Can actors learn from athletes and athletes from actors?

For more information or to book your place please contact David at david.catchagrip@gmail.com