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Progressing Ballet Technique with Luca Pellegrini

Open to all kind of dancers, this online training will work as an incredible support for your dance technique and conditioning!

Where: ZOOM (online)

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton for movement lovers to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in the work of the classical ballet. Through the use of different devices and structured exercises, the class strengthens the pelvis stabilization, hip rotation, proprioception, balance, articulation of the feet, abdominal work, ballet alignment and inner-outer muscles’ work. Through many exercises, the different approaches with the Exercise or Swiss and Medium Soft Balls give the body an intense feeling of progression. The switch to a horizontal level makes the weight less influential, taking away the resistance of the floor. So, it becomes easier to focus the attention on stabilizing the body, using the right muscles to improve the ballet positions.

Making the best of this Corona time, Luca is teaching PBT online since March. The incredible success made the class have have student from all over the world: United Kingdom, Chile, France, Puerto Rico, United States, Italy, Emirates, Spain, Mexico and many more. Therefore, the class environment is very friendly and always open to a cultural exchange and personal improvement.

Here some video-links:

–> The class will last 75 minutes including a final stretching.
–> The possession of the Exercise or Swiss Ball is required to follow the class. (The class will be in English and it will have classical music, related to the structured exercises)

Luca Pellegrini was born in Italy and with his 15 years he fell in love with dance. Together with his passion for theatre, Luca began to form himself individually as a contemporary artist through working opportunities with Italian companies and theatres, thus opening the doors of Germany to his 19 years. Here, he expands his artistic research as a student, teacher and choreographer. Driven by the need for new art forms, such as African dance and the circus, Luca decides to fly to Chile, where he works as a contemporary dancer with a national company. Today, back in Italy, Luca wants to continue his training and express his creativity in the art of a multifaceted performance: he is a dance teacher for different schools meanwhile being a student in the national dance academy in Rome.

How to register: The membership (number of classes you decide to buy) will last for 28 days (4 weeks) where you can take a maximum of 8 lessons which means that the number of classes you choose has to be fulfilled within this time frame. You can decide to choose the classes you want (Mondays and/or Thursdays) but you need to give a CONFIRMATION FIRST through my email or by sending a DM on my facebook page, in order to receive the codes to enter the videochat, which will be changed for every lesson.

Costs for participants: 8 CLASSES 40€ 6 CLASSES 35€ 4 CLASSES 25€ 2 CLASSES 15€ INDIVIDUAL CLASS 8€ PRIVATE CLASS 15€

Contact details: lucasimonepellegrini@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/luca.pellegrini.9