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Terra Nova supports the Black Lives Matter movement

Black Lives Matter.  Terra Nova unequivocally supports the Black Lives Matter movement: politically, emotionally, and artistically.

In recent weeks Terra Nova has used it’s time to check in behind the scenes with colleagues to see if they are okay. We’ve been organising and fundraising for an intercultural programme that we hope will provide ongoing support and opportunity. We’ve shared material we thought was supportive, and carefully avoided triggering material.

Until now, Terra Nova has felt this was a time to be supportive, and trust our track record to speak for itself if anyone needed to know our position.

Now, in the performing arts, which is our sphere of influence, we say: Black Lives Matter and that means respect for black colleagues matters, black careers matter, black equality of opportunity matters. Working with the white population in Northern Ireland to change racist attitudes matters.  Training and mentoring for young black men and women who might want a career in the performing arts matters. Black actors getting jobs matters.  Interesting productions and thoughtful plays written to ensure black voices are heard in starring roles matter. Touring that work around Northern Ireland matters.

We are an intercultural theatre company, who have actively worked to find ways to bring people of different races together: to make excellent theatre, where different cultures meet, people explore and the world is changed.

Part of seeking that change is acting and affirming: Black Lives Matter.  Black Lives in Northern Ireland Matter.