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The Track and Trace Check-Up with Thrive

As many venues are opening their doors again and some others are still planning their reopening for a later date, new measures are being put in place to welcome back audiences safely.

You may have encountered one of these measures, the track-and-trace system, in several restaurants and coffee shops. You may have had to give your name and phone number to a member of staff and hopefully, they never had to call you and you never heard back from them again.

  • Have you wondered what happened to your personal information?
  • Did they store it correctly?
  • Did they destroy it two weeks after your visit?
  • Did they share your contact details with a third party?
  • Are they going to use your personal data for marketing purposes?

These are all legitimate questions, everybody wants their privacy to be respected. These are also the exact questions your audience members will ask themselves and may even ask you directly during their visit, and you want to get your answers right.

This event will be a conversation between Thrives GDPR Queen (and Client Executive) Claire Rose Canavan and attendees to do a check-up of everybody’s thoughts and experience of track-and-trace, and share learnings with each other.

Event details: When, where, how to book?

The session will start with a quick overview of the track-and-trace system, the implications of GDPR and how to comply with it. This will be followed by a Q&A and a conversation between attendees to learn from each other, especially from the ones who have already implemented track-and-trace at their venue.

Who: This event is for people working in arts and culture, indoors or outdoors venues, or simply people with an interest in track-and-trace.

When: Wednesday 16th September, from 10.30 until 11.30.

Where: Zoom – we will send you a link after registration. All attendees’ cameras will be turned on to allow a fluid conversation.

Cost: Free

How to book: Visit our Zoom event registration page.


Zoom works well with both Talkback and Voiceover. If you want to find out more, check out the accessibility page on Zoom’s website.

This event is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Organisations Emergency Fund.