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Undertaking Remote Teaching Safely

TheatreNI have received a number of enquiries about engaging and undertaking remote teaching safely online. Safeguarding remains as important as ever, especially as the usual child protection systems are under increased pressure. Therefore, we have collated a list of useful links.

This information includes:

  • An example online safety policy statement and agreement from NSPCC.
  • Best practice resources from NSPCC.


Other links to resources include:

  • An excellent document from Music Mark relevant to freelance, digital platform and safeguarding concerns
  • Protection of Children, Young People & Adults at Risk Guidelines from DU Dance
  • Information on supporting professionals working with children and young people
  • Northern Ireland Executive Consultation Document
  • UK for Internet Safety resources
  • Use of Online Teaching Methods and School Closures from Education Authority

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Undertaking Remote Teaching Safely