This year, Producer Gathering will offer 4 bursaries up to £750 for independent producers based in the UK to support their independent practices internationally.
We are excited to announce a new initiative to foster cross-cultural creativity and international collaborations among producers.

The “Empowering International Relationships” Bursary

This bursary is tailored to empower producers at various stages of their careers who aspire to engage in international collaborations. Recipients of the bursary will receive financial support to facilitate their international projects, such as travel expenses, project development costs, and networking opportunities.

£750 x 4 Bursaries available

  • 1 bursary for a mid-career producer (3-10 years experience – getting some training or mentoring to nurture your practice, to make taking the leap as a producer more accessible
  • 1 bursary for a more experienced producer (10+ years experience) – this might allow you to plan for a project that you’ve been dreaming up, to reconsider the direction of your work, or to take a risk or a rest to think and dream
  • 2 bursary for a producer of any level of experience who identifies as (multiply) marginalised and underrepresented in this role – PG are aiming to acknowledge and address systemic bias and under-representation of people who experience (multiple) marginalisations in the world and our arts sector with this specific bursary. It gives an additional chance for an applicant to be selected in the random selection  process by being in two pools (career experience and this one)
  • The bursary is for £750 per person – and can be viewed as a lump sum. The 4 bursary recipients will receive the £750 in one payment at the start of the period on receipt of an invoice, and the period can last as long as you choose.

You might choose to use this bursary to:

  • Access international training courses and development opportunities abroad
  • Travel/accommodation to an international networking meeting
  • Cover mentoring time with an international producer
  • Pay for overheads
  • Put towards admin time to develop an international project
  • Or… anything else you need

Read more and apply here

Deadline 29th February