Where Eagles Fly is a story of hope and promise told through script, music and dance. 300 years ago a tiny ship called The Eagle Wing set sail for America, bearing the first of many thousands of Irish people to travel the treacherous seas in search of freedom and opportunity.

Written by John Anderson and originally titled On Eagles Wings; Where Eagles Fly is a new adaptation of the production that is being reworked for a limited run in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) in September/October 2024. The production is Produced by Irish Musicals Incorporated, Directed and Choreographed by Gail Davies, Creatively Produced by Peter Corry.

Full Production dates are as follows (Subject to change):

  • 20th June; Closing Date for Submissions
  • 21st June; Invitation to Auditions Issued
  • 27th June; Dublin Auditions (In-Person)
  • 28th June; Belfast Auditions (In-Person)
  • 16th August; Rehearsals start for Dance Roles in Republic of Ireland.
  • 26th August; Rehearsals start for rest of company in Republic of Ireland.
  • 20th September (TBC); Rehearsals Finish in Republic of Ireland.
  • 22nd September; Travel day to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • 24th September; Technical Rehearsals Begin in Philadelphia, USA.
  • 26th September; Preview Performance.
  • 27th September; Show Opening.
  • 6th October; Final Performance.
  • 7th October; Travel Day from Philadelphia.

Full availability is required across all dates. During the rehearsal period accommodation and meals will be provided. Artists must be able to work in the Republic of Ireland, and visas for working in the USA will be sorted by the production company.

Auditions for the new production will take place in Dublin, 27th June, and Belfast, 28th June. To submit for both Belfast and Dublin Auditions, please complete this following form

Any questions or direct submissions from agents, please contact Ben at benwhereeaglesfly@gmail.com.

A character/cast breakdown overview is included below with vocal range:

  • Molly (Character Actor/Singer) Female, Playing Age 30 Vocal: Mezzo Sop. (G3-E5)
  • William (Dancer/Singer/Actor) Male, Playing Age 20’s Vocal: Baritone (C3 – E4)
  • Kate (Singer/Actor) Female, Playing Age 30 Vocal: Mezzo Sop. (G3-E5), with Folk
  • Maire (Dancer/Singer/Actor) Female, Playing Age 18 Vocal: Mezzo Sop. (G3-E5), w/ lower range vocals
  • Fiona (Leading Female Singer/Actor) Female, Playing Age 40-45 Vocal: Mezzo Sop. (G3-C5
  • Bobby (Actor) Male, Playing Age 30-40 Philadelphia Accent Vocal Range: A3 – D4
  • Robert (Leading Male Singer/Actor) Male, Playing Age 40-45 Vocal: High Baritone w/ Falsetto (G2 – A5)
  • Thomas (Lead Singer/Actor) Male, Playing Age 35-40 Vocal: Baritone (A3 – D4)
  • Samuel (Character Actor/Singer) Male, Playing Age 30 Vocal: Tenor/Baritone (C3 – G4)
  • Johnny (Character Actor/Singer) Male, Playing Age 30 Vocal: Tenor/Baritone (C3 – G4)
  • Ensemble (Singer/Dancer) Gender; Any, Playing Age; Any Strong MT Vocals with
    various range. Dance: MT Jazz. Irish or Tap Experience preferable.
  • Ensemble (Dancer) Gender; Any, Playing Age; Any Dance: Strong MT Jazz. Irish and/or Tap preferable.
  • Musician, Gender; Any, Playing Age; Any. Multi-Instrumental Solo Musician (potentially actor-musician) who is confident performing as part of an ensemble