international call for artists residing in the countries of ECRN

deadline: 28th February 2022

The members of the European Creative Rooftop Network, are pleased to announce the open call for 18 transdisciplinary Rooftop Artist Residencies in the summer of 2022. The residencies are available for artists who live and work in the 9 European cities of the ECRN [Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Belfast, Chemnitz, Faro, Gothenburg, Nicosia, Rotterdam] to travel in one of the other 8 European cities of the network and develop artwork related to… Rooftops!

eight weeks residency

ECRN invite artists of various disciplines and creative backgrounds to apply for a funded residency of 8 weeks in one of our partner-cities of the ECRN.
Every artist selected must be committed to:

  • Dedicate 8 weeks for the Rooftop Artist Residency which will be split in three phases: 5 weeks of research working online + minimum of 2 weeks of residency in a host ECRN city (to be agreed with the ECRN partner) + 1 week of feedback and follow up. This can be adjusted only with agreement of both the sending and hosting partner.
  • Produce 2 outputs:
    A. Develop a Rooftop Art Project in the host city and publicly present it (during an event or festival)
    B. Develop a Creative Rooftop Course for the local creative community of their city of origin and conduct it after the end of the Rooftop Artist Residency

residency output A: rooftop art project

Applicants are invited to re-imagine, reflect and/or speculate through their medium of art projects about the present and/or the future of European rooftops! The research and preparation for the residency can begin before travelling to the host city through online communication with the ECRN partner. When the artists will be in their host city they will be connected with the local context and local community with the support of the local ECRN partner and they will develop an artistic Rooftop project over the course of their Residency.
The Rooftop Art Projects can take the form of performances, community projects, spatial interventions, photographic collections, storytelling, sculptures, visual art or creative research. A combination of multiple methods is possible according to the skills and interests of every artist. The Artist can use their Residency as part of a larger project or research and thus, they must explain how their Rooftop Residency contributes to their wider artistic work.

The Rooftop Art Projects can culminate in 1-day events and public presentations (online/offline) OR they can be presented in exhibitions for specific periods of time (days/weeks) in the desired format of the artist. Depending on the ECRN host city the presentation will coincide with a local Rooftop Festival or other relevant event.

The Rooftop Art Projects should be on the one hand inspired by the roofscape of the host city and the Rooftop Thematic proposed by the host city and on the other hand linked to an aspect, a theme, a narrative or a research question regarding the roofscape of the ECRN city of origin.

residency output B: creative rooftop course

Following the finalisation of the Rooftop Art Project, the selected artists are required to develop a Creative Rooftop Course that will be later addressed to the local creative community of their city of origin. The design and implementation of the Creative Rooftop Course will be defined in collaboration with ECRN Partners and will take place upon the return of each artist to their city of origin.

The Creative Rooftop Course can take the form of a participatory workshop or other demonstration of the methodology and artistic practises used during the Rooftop Artist Residency. The aim of the Creative Rooftop Course should be on the one hand to inspire other creatives from the local artistic community in engaging with the urban space of rooftops and on the other hand to share with other artists their specific insights from their experience, their methods, their artistic practice, their exploration tools, and the influence of working in another city.

City Trio groups

The ECRN cities are grouped in 3 CITY Trios and are exploring different themes and approaches for the Rooftop Artist Residencies. Artist exchange can only happen between cities that are in the same Trio.

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