Inclusive positive change can happen through clear, measurable action.

Unlock offers a practical step-by-step process to think about what anti-racist action you can take in your workplace. It invites you to read through suggestions, and choose what you can do, and when you will do it.  ​

Inc Arts Unlock is the result of the anti-racism conference Speak-Listen-Reset-Heal that took place in autumn of 2020. It is based on suggestions for change made by those with lived experience of racism in the arts.

​The Speak-Listen-Reset-Heal conference can help you to understand WHY we need to take action against racism in our workplaces.

Inc Arts Unlock gives arts organisations practical steps to take anti-racist action. Unlock has over 100 actions that will help creative work places become more inclusive.

The process is entirely confidential: a commitment to give everyone equal treatment through trust, confidence, dignity and respect is at the heart of the toolkit.

Unlock is for: Dance companies, Independent Producers, Museums, Regional theatres, Collections and archives, Visual Arts spaces, Receiving Houses, Festivals and Outdoor arts, Crafts organisations – and more…

Unlock has been developed from the advocacy of organisations including but not limited to:
Eclipse Theatre, Migrants in Culture, Migrants in Theatre, Freelancers Make Theatre Work, All-Black Coalition, More than a Moment, Coventry Belgrade Theatre, Black Cultural Leaders, Anti-Racism Touring Rider, Museum Detox, and the ethnically diverse creative sector workforce who have shared their ideas and recommendations.

You can see these recommendations and more on their advocacy page.

Click here to visit Inc Arts Unlock.

Inc Arts champions the creative, contractual and economic rights of the UK’s African, Asian, Caribbean and ethnically diverse arts sector workforce.  Their vision is to create a thriving cultural community that allows everyone to do their best work.