Overview of the Youth Fund

The Youth Fund supports organisations whose main purpose is working with and for young people (aged 14-25) who face complex transitions to adulthood.

Through the Covid-19 crisis, we have been made increasingly aware that inequality plays out in ways that connect and intersect across race, gender, class, disability and other characteristics. The pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on young people.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation understands that the current context is increasing demand for work with and for young people, whilst at the same time making it more challenging to deliver. Despite these difficult conditions, many organisations continue to have ambitious plans for the future.

The PHF Youth Fund provides core funding for organisations that:

  • Seek to sustain, prepare to grow, or grow impact with and for young people.
  • Put young people at the centre in terms of power, voice and agency – as part of an asset-based approach, starting with recognising and building on young people’s strengths and potential.
  • Aim to achieve wide impact for young people (for example, going beyond direct delivery and focusing on systemic or structural change).
  • Are committed to continuous improvement in asset-based approaches to working with and for young people.
  • Support young people who are facing complex transitions, challenges and barriers to accessing support and opportunities. Particularly young people who are socially excluded or marginalised; whose experiences can be hidden or less well known; and whose voices are often erased or ignored.

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