I hear the roar of a big machine. Two worlds and in between. I hear empire down. We don’t doubt, we don’t take reflection. … dance the ghost with me.’ (Andrew Eldritch)

Abridged is looking for poetry and/or art from Irish poets/artists or poets/artists based on the island of Ireland that explores how the past is always with us no mater how we try to escape it, both in a society and personal context.

You can send up to three poems (on MS Word or similar) or three pieces of art (at 300dpi or above) to abridged@ymail.com. Please also send a short bio. Please don’t send us blank emails with just an attachment as they may end up in the Spam folder and they may not see them.

The deadline for submissions is 10th September 2022.

Image by Sarah Ellen Lundy.

This issue is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland