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Membership Benefits

A connected community of theatre and dance professionals

Sign up as a Theatre and Dance NI member and enjoy exclusive access to a variety of services. Our extensive network is constantly expanding, and our growing membership organisation heralds an exciting new phase in the theatre and dance industry, both locally and beyond.

Whether you’re front-of-house staff, a director, actor, dancer, choreographer, technician or any other performer or person linked to the industry, you’re eligible to join our community. We’re here to support you in as many ways as possible and look forward to welcoming you to the team. Membership Benefits Pack

Why join Theatre and Dance NI?

Member Assistance Programme

Theatre and Dance NI is committed to supporting the wellbeing and mental health of its members through our Membership Assistance Programme. Theatre and Dance NI, in partnership with Spectrum Life, offers a 100% confidential, professional counselling service available 24/7, 365 days a year. Members of TDNI are also invited  to our Mental Health and Wellbeing Mornings, in which the mental health and well-being services available for the sector are shared whilst engaging in phsyical or artistic activity with a chosen professional artist or facilitator.The Membership Assistance Programme also offers your very own wellbeing app that provides you with access to hours of wellbeing content such as mental wellbeing, nutrition and exercise.


A key part of our work is advocating for the performing arts sector in Northern Ireland, highlighting the various issues our members encounter within their careers, such as funding and work opportunities. By championing our sector and raising awareness of the challenges it faces, we hope to continue improving conditions for our members through building strategic partnerships and engaging with other public and private sector organisations.

Access NI

Another membership benefit is getting Access NI checked, which is available through Replay Theatre Company for a small administration fee. Most of our members will require Access NI clearance at some point in their careers and acquiring this and updating it can be easily and efficiently done through Theatre and Dance NI membership. View Access NI Code of Practice. If you require an Access NI check then please get in touch.


We offer a number of bursaries throughout the year to  members, with details profiled on our website and social media platforms as they become available. These are suitable for all levels of experience and are a great way to boost your professional skills and network. Bursaries are available for everything from training and workshops, to attendance at summer schools, festivals and more. Our annual bursaries include: 

Training and workshops

Our members can enjoy exclusive discounts to our variety of training courses and other learning and development opportunities, which are delivered throughout the year. These are a great way to enhance your professional knowledge and skills, as well as providing an opportunity to meet new people and network within the performing arts sector. We also provide access to a range of skills development workshops with professional theatre and performing arts companies, which are ideal for youth theatre companies. Upcoming training courses are listed on the Clash Diary section of our website.


Developed in Scotland by, Tourbook offers a space for performers in dance, theatre, music, comedy and other areas to showcase their work and connect with promoters and venues. Perfect for discovering new acts, venues and audiences, Tourbook is for everyone from promoters, performers and programmers, to venue managers, agents and industry networks.

Captioning Service

Members can use our captioning equipment at a discounted rate to make performances more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captioning helps to increase audience access to theatre and the performing arts and is a great way to expand the reach of the arts industry. Read more about our captioning service.

Members also received highly discount rates on hire of all our equipment which includes Harlequin Dance Floor, Projector, Camcorder and Stand. A full list of the equipment and cost is below.

Theatre and Dance NI Hire Equipment

Freelancers’ Directory

Theatre and Dance NI members can upload their details directly onto our Freelancers’ Directory, which provides a platform for freelance theatre and performing arts-focused practitioners and consultants to advertise their skills to potential employers.

Networking Events 

Theatre and Dance NI support members at all levels of their careers, helping them to create lasting connections with fellow industry professionals through networking events, conferences and workshops. These events bring members into contact with peers within their own sector as well as with external partners, providing a unique opportunity to compare experiences, share best practice, advise and influence current and future programmes of work.

Networking events we have hosted and partnered on previously include the All-Island Performing Arts Conference, All-Island Youth Theatre Symposium, Spotlight at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Catalyst Dance Festival and Co-Motion. Members receive an exclusive discounted rate for networking events hosted by Theatre and Dance NI.

We encourage and support our members to network locally, nationally and internationally. Establishing relationships with international artists or European networks can often lead to new opportunities to meet and collaborate with peers and internationalise artistic practice. Despite the pandemic, we continue to host regular networking opportunities for our members digitally.


Our e-zine keeps members up-to-date with the latest news from the sector along with information about Theatre and Dance NI activities, job vacancies, auditions, project tenders, funding and events. Members are also welcome to submit any news or opportunities to be included in these monthly newsletters.

Advice and Support

At Theatre and Dance NI we’re always on hand to answer our member’s questions and hear about your ideas, as well as offering general advice and support. We’re a small but dedicated team and are always keen to hear directly from you, our members, about what we can do to help. We’re also happy to organise one-to-one or group surgeries.

TDNI Library

Theatre and Dance NI have an extensive library of dance books available for members to look at in the Crescent free of charge.

The remainder of our combined archive (Theatre NI and Dance Resource Base) was donated to Linen Hall Library’s Theatre and Performing Arts Archive where you can find Newspaper articles, DVD’s, VHS Tapes, leaflets and events related documents.

Access to Resource Documents

Theatre and Danced NI have created an extensive list of valuable resources that are available to our members including:

  • Contracts and Rates of Pay regulated by ITC
  • Copyright and Data
  • Covid-19 Support
  • Finance and Planning
  • Health and Safety including Venues
  • NI Venues List
  • NI Studio Hire List
  • Finance, Funding and Bursaries for Further Education
  • Arts Groups for Disabled Individuals in Northern Ireland
  • A Guide to Recognising Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

There are many more available. To request a resource contact Molly at

If you’re still considering a membership with TDNI, have a look at our infographic on our membership in the year 20/21 to see the facts and figures of what we delivered in the past and how we can do more for you in the future!

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