Raising awareness of the value and benefits delivered by the sector

The industry offers many benefits – not just to those working within the sector but, also, to the wider community. It enriches general society, improves our health and wellbeing, boosts the economy and has a key role in improving educational performance. In short, it’s an incredibly precious resource which is often under-appreciated or misunderstood in terms of overall value.

At Theatre and Dance NI, we’re committed to working with our members to raise awareness of the value and benefits delivered by theatre and dance in Northern Ireland. We also aim to increase the level of representation provided for the local sector by developing relationships with statutory bodies, local authorities, and private and voluntary organisations. In this way, we can better influence policy and funding decisions relating to the sector, helping to improve working conditions and to lay a more solid foundation for the future.

Theatre and Dance Northern Ireland are the secretariat for the Arts APG (All Party Group) at Stormont. Please click here for further details: All Party Group