Accidental Theatre is delighted to present a unique opportunity for artists and the community in Belfast.

Once a month our rooms will be open for artists who pre-book to join sessions of 2 hours and a half to exchange arts skills, embrace each other’s creativity and start cooperation with fellow artists.

With the variety of skills Accidental team have, artists will get support in Music, Theatre, Writing and Film industry. Additionally, Accidental will host main artists announced in advance who will be willing to provide support, where other artists are able to join them to learn, exchange and cooperate, by booking the space in advance.

The first session is scheduled for March 31st 2024.

To join these monthly sessions, please fill this form

For dates and more information keep an eye on Accidental’s social media accounts and website:




You can also contact the team for inquiries and support, and to discover how you can get involved here