The Arts & Older People Programme was set up to increase opportunities for older people to engage with the arts.  It achieved this by providing funding to arts-based projects that addressed related social issues such as poverty, isolation and loneliness, as well as promoting positive mental health.  The design of the Programme was informed by the Arts & Older People Strategy which was undertaken by the Arts Council in July 2010.

The programme to date has made 164 awards to community groups, voluntary groups and arts organisations. Over £1.5 million has been invested in the Arts & Older People Programme.

The Arts & Older People Programme aims to strengthen the voice of older people and promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing through the arts.  In conjunction with the delivery partners the priority areas for this next round of funding are projects being delivered within care homes, carers and people living with dementia.  The proposed projects should reflect the partnership approach with the care homes and have the support from them in the delivery.

Who can apply?

The programme is aimed at constituted community and voluntary groups who are working at a local level to support older people and can demonstrate strong partnership working with care homes, carers and dementia groups.

This programme is also open to non-governmental organisations, Local Authorities and arts organisations who can clearly demonstrate partnership working.

We are looking for partnership or consortia based projects.  Partnerships can be led by either age sector providers, arts organisations or Local Authorities, however the consortium must be made up of appropriate representatives and demonstrate a commitment to working together.  Other specialists who work with older people may also be included as named partners in the consortium.

Who cannot apply?

• Individuals
• Broadcasters (excluding community service broadcasters)
• Central Government Departments
• Organisations with statutory obligations to providing services for Older People

How to apply?

Applications may only be submitted online through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s website.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 21st July 2021 at 12pm