Artemista Culture Centre is looking for 3 dancers or dance theatre artists and 2 video makers with the skills to independently curate their own choreographies for a 60-day residency in Italy from 10 January – 9 March 2023.

The residency is titled ‘The music you hear, the music you see’.

Mentor Mauro Buttafava, composer and director, will accompany the artists in an intimate research
work combining music, theatrical dance and visual art. 3 dancers an 2 video makers will be invited to translate their concept of ‘room’ into movement and visuals: the room is the place where you keep your dearest things, the place where everything comes from, that presents your being. The room will also inspire the scenography: a white wall onto which the movements of the dancers onstage are projected in real time.

The goal of the residency project is to create 9 products: 3 solos, 3 scenes with 2, 3 scenes with 3. At the end, these will be presented in 2 live performances – 1 in Spessa and 1 in Milan.

Artemista provides accommodation, mentoring, equipment, etc., as well as a mobility grant and daily allowance of €25 for the participating artists. Travel coverage is also available, read more and apply here.

Deadline 18th September.