The Investment Programme is administered by Arts and Business NI with funding providing by Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

The funding is intended to increase private sector investment into the arts by supporting arts organisations in developing sustainable relationships with business

A maximum of ÂŁ15,000 will be awarded to an artist or arts partner through the Investment Programme in any one financial year (April to March) or for any one project. The lower limit for Investment Programme is ÂŁ500 per project.

It is anticipated that a partnership will not receive investment through the programme more than three times.

New Cash Sponsorships

These will be partnerships where the business is sponsoring the arts organisation for the first time and this is the first application to the Arts and Business NI Investment Programme.

Year 1: 100% matched investment to cash sponsorships.
Year 2 and Year 3: 50% matched investment to cash sponsorships.

Existing Sponsorships

If an arts organisation has an existing partnership with a sponsor it can apply to the Investment Programme on the following basis:

Year 2 and Year 3: 50% matched investment to cash sponsorships.
Money from public sources, or trusts and foundations is not eligible for inclusion in an Investment Programme application.

In-kind Investment

Applications based on 100% in-kind investment will be considered on a case-by-case basis where the partnership is in its first year only. The leverage on such an application will be up to 50% matched investment by Arts and Business NI.

By Year 2 it is envisaged that the business will have committed to a cash investment.

Who Can Apply

Applications will be accepted from partnerships between arts businesses and arts organisations in Northern Ireland.

The following criteria apply:

  • There are no restrictions on the type of arts business that can apply for Arts and Business NI investment. However, the Arts and Business NI Investment Programme can only invest in projects between businesses operating in the UK and arts organisations based in the UK.
  • It is likely that successful arts organisations will be either a registered charity or legally constituted as a non-profit distributing company. Art organisations/charities can apply through their commercial trading divisions, where their profits are used to support the charitable organisation, and their aims meet the needs of the Investment Programme.
  • Individual artists may be eligible where they are members of relevant professional associations and/or able to submit the names of two referees.
  • Investment from a business’ charitable trust or foundation may be considered only where a project can demonstrate strong benefits to the profit-making business.
  • Applications where publicly funded organisations and charities are named as the business partner are only eligible if made through their commercial profit-making trading divisions. Arts and Business NI may require evidence of the commercial function of these organisations.
  • Investment Programme payments will be made in instalments to the lead arts partner.

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