The aim of the Annual Funding Programme (AFP) is to support Northern Ireland’s arts infrastructure through grants to organisations in all art forms and practices for their core and programming costs. AFP organisations will be key to helping achieve the objectives set out in the 5-year strategic framework for developing the arts, Inspire / Connect / Lead, it is expected that all awardees support in delivering these objectives.

Who can apply?

  • Non-profit distributing organisations which can demonstrate they require a year-round resource to deliver arts programming.
  • Commercial organisations can only apply for support if the proposed programme is primarily for the benefit of the public and where there are plans to re-invest any surplus into a similar programme.
  • New applicants to the Annual Funding Programme must have been in receipt of a single award of at least ÂŁ10,001 from ACNI since 1 April 2020 in order to be eligible for the scheme and must contact the appropriate ACNI arts officer to discuss their application prior to submission and by 5pm on 10 February at the latest.

Who cannot apply?

  • Local Authorities
  • Statutory bodies for activities which fall within their statutory remit
  • Individuals
  • Broadcasters
  • Central Government Departments
  • Organisations which have not received an award of at least ÂŁ10,001 from ACNI since 1 April 20202
  • Organisations who have broken the terms of a previous Arts Council letter of offer in the previous 4 years or who remain in breach of previous terms.

What you can apply for:

You can apply for one year funding only. Eligible costs include the following:

  • Core costs: Administrative salaries Rent and Rates Light and Heat Maintenance, security, etc. Telephone and Fax Printing, postage, stationery Financial costs Insurance
  • Programming costs: Artists’ costs Volunteer expenses Audience Development plans Publicity/Marketing (excluding catering/merchandising) Transportation Travel, Accommodation, Subsistence Equipment/Materials Access/Participation Plans
  • Premium Payments: An amount of up to ÂŁ3,000 each year is available within the grant (i.e. to be included and potentially awarded as an element of your budget and request amount) for successful applicants who can clearly demonstrate that additional costs are associated with the delivery of their project for people with particular needs as defined under Section 75 of The Northern Ireland Act 1998. Please note that premium payments are made retrospectively on submission of evidence of demonstrated use of the services.

Deadline for applications 17th February 2023

To read the full guidelines and apply click here