Tom Dale Company are looking for company dancers for their new touring dance piece for Spring 2023

Tom Dale Company create world-class, contemporary performance with dance and choreography at its core. By combining dance, electronic music and the digital arts, TDC is a leader in the field producing work which is simultaneously bold, exciting and constantly evolving.

They explore new ideas, aesthetics and techniques with an exceptional team of dancers, digital artists, electronic musicians, poets, writers, designers and visual artists.

They are looking for company dancers to join us to make a new piece:

Rehearsal: January-March 2023

Tour: March-April 2023

SUB: VERSION is a new group piece for 4 dancers which will celebrate how the evolution of dance is intrinsically linked to the emergence and democratisation of electronic dance music. This new piece will be lit by Lee Curran, and will be made to music by electronic musician WEN from his album EPH:EMERA.

Audition Details

Where: Studio Wayne McGregor, Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E15 2GW, UK

When: Saturday April 9th 2022

Deadline for applications: Monday 28th March 2022

Required Profile:

  • Professionally trained Contemporary Dancer with solid technical base
  • Exceptional musicality
  • Strong improvisation skills
  • 3 years Stage Experience
  • English Speaking
  • Open-mindedness, team spirit, generosity, curiosity

Rehearsal period: 02/01/23 – 18/03/2023

Tour: March – April 2023

To apply, please complete an application form here:

If your application is successful, you will be contacted via email by Thursday 31st March and invited to attend the audition on held Saturday 9th April 2022.

Contact details:

Says Tom Dale:

“I am excited to collaborate with WEN to create a piece that focusses solely on the core relationship between dancer and music. In WEN’s Ephem:era, the music is not too dense as he creates the outlines and structures of the music implying ‘full on’ tracks without actually filling them. There is so much space in here for dance to be made. WEN’s music is evoking and teasing without delivering the full-blooded whole, it is like Wen has almost created these tracks with dance in mind already. This new piece will be symbiotic to our solo SURGE. Both composers WEN and ITAL TEK, the composer for SURGE are on the same record label, and although very different, speak to the same on-trend vibe, bringing cohesion to my fascination of how digital meets dance in music and visuals”