The BBC and cultural organisations across the UK are joining together to inspire people to consider job opportunities in the craft areas of theatre, film and TV. And need your organisation to get involved – by signing up as a partner and planning an amazing event to make some noise about those all-important behind-the-scenes roles.

The festival will take place alongside Bring the Drama, a major new BBC series that opens the door to acting talent with no previous access to professional training. This might be due to finances, lack of opportunities, geographical barriers or lack of diverse representation.

At its heart is a belief that, with a more accessible and open industry, the talent pool can improve and as a result more powerful stories can be told.

The Ask

Over a period of six weeks in early 2024, we’re asking partners to throw open their doors and run a public-facing event (free or cost recovery) to showcase behind-the-scenes careers.

We are talking wigs, props, costume, set design, carpentry, make-up, camera, lighting, editing, sound. Your organisation could run a talk by your set designers, a set visit and studio tour, or an after-show Q & A session with the technical staff.

We want everyone to have an opportunity to learn something new, which is why we’re inviting organisations across the UK to be partners. We’d love a network of events in all four nations so that, wherever people live in the UK, they can access something to inspire…

Together we will help bridge the skills gap and encourage a pipeline of new and diverse talent, developing flourishing careers across the creative sector.

Read more and sign up here