Born2Play Online Summit – а massive online gathering with the foremost movement experts. There will be more than 30 live online sessions, 50 hours of material, including lectures followed by Q&A, film screening and more. Most of the sessions will be recorded and will be available on the web-platform till the 31st January for the participants who get the “Infinite Game” pass.

Where: Online

When: 22 November – 6 December

Born2Play Online Event is a part of a crowdfunding campaign aimed help the construction of the Bamboo Dojo, a Movement Center located in Bahia-Brazil. Highly regarded professionals in the field of human movement, contemporary dance, contact-improvisation, somatics, freediving, martial and healing arts will be onboard, generously willing to support the cause by joining and and facilitating live session on zoom.

Some of the facilitators:
Edivaldo Ernesto, Francisco Cordova, Laura Aris, Tom Weksler, Jos Baker, Sabine Parzer, Frey Faust, Mark Walsh, Rob Hayden, Bruno Caverna, Florencia Buzzo, Alexander Solovev, Davide Carrera, Manuel Ronda, Rasmus Ölme, Marina Pereira among many others

To register, you must to the website and chick on the type of attendance.
You will be redirected to the application form with all detailed information

To the participants coming from dance opportunities we offer a discount of 20 euros.
Just enter the coupon code below in the application form.

COUPON: move-dance-play

Costs for participants: 110 euros Finite Game / 190 euros Infinite Game

Contact details:

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