Tranche three of BCC Business cluster and community grant scheme is open for applications. They provide a rolling programme of one-off capital grants to Belfast-based community groups, charities, social enterprises and business collaborations for environmental improvement schemes in their area.

Capital grants for local environmental improvements
Capital grants between £10,000 and £25,000 are available for environmental improvement schemes on Belfast’s arterial routes, in urban villages and local communities which:

  • support business operation
  • enhance physical spaces
  • increase civic participation and sense of ownership
  • encourage people to live, work, visit and invest in local areas

Groups eligible to apply for a grant
Belfast-based community organisations, charities, social enterprises and business clusters can apply for a capital grant. A business cluster is five or more micro or small businesses collaborating to progress area-based improvement schemes. Individual businesses or traders are not eligible for a grant.

Groups that are not eligible to apply
If your group received a grant in tranche one or two of this grant scheme, you cannot apply to the current tranche.

Applications from a business cluster
If a business cluster applies, one organisation within the cluster must be named as the ‘Lead applicant’ on the application form. The Lead applicant and the other businesses in the cluster must sign a Lead Partner Agreement.

Application criteria
Your application must:

  • clearly identify benefit for a specified area or cluster area of Belfast-based businesses – grants will not be given for single business use
  • benefit SME retail or hospitality businesses (including social enterprises and community-led groups)
  • demonstrate an ability to complete the environmental improvement scheme before 30 November 2023

Where proposed capital works will use public space, you will need the relevant licences (for example a pavement café licence), permits or permissions (including land ownership). You are responsible for leading and conducting relevant stakeholder engagement, securing and supplying agreement from all directly affected stakeholders. This includes adjacent businesses or residents.

To apply
Read more and apply at the Belfast City Council here. 

Closing Monday 19th December 2022.