Artistic director and choreographer Jill Crovisier in collaboration with Tipperary Dance Festival is looking for 2 dancers based in Ireland for a 3 days work offer 12-14.10.2023

Where: Tipperary Ireland

When: 12-14 October 2023

Deadline for applications: 1 September 2023

The choreographer Jill Crovisier / JC movement production, is looking for 2 professional dancers based in Ireland. A background or interest in Martial Arts is a plus. The dancers will join the choreographer during THE GAME research residency in the period 12-14 October 2023 with a showcase performance at Tipperary Dance International Festival. Beside the payment fee we offer national transport fees and accommodation. Further information can be provided upon request.

How to apply: send email with CV, short Biography, Headshot and 2-3 short dancing videos (YouTube or Vimeo link – no download link please)
There is no audition. The selection will be made by the choreographer upon online application.

Contact details:

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