The Cultural Philanthropy Foundation was established in 2016 and is best known for the annual Achates Philanthropy Prize, which celebrates first-time donors to culture.

The Foundation works with a national network of partner organisations to deliver inspiring programmes such as the 2020 virtual conference ‘Art, Audiences, Money’, and the 2021 artist-led Symposium ‘All That’s Been Revealed’. In 2022, the Achates Philanthropy Foundation was renamed to reflect a forthcoming range of initiatives to promote the democratisation of culture through our Celebrate | Grow | Inspire strategy.

Culture Makes is a coalition of over 150 culture and heritage organisations from across the UK celebrating the 8 Types of Impact of Culture and Heritage.

They are planning programmes for more localised / grassroots responses to collective sector issues from 2025 onwards, and are keen for as many NI organisations to join the conversation, and influence the thinking.

You can read more about their work and sign up to be a member here