Join Theatre and Dance NI and Digital 4 on the 1st November from 2pm-4pm at the Lyric Theatre for Captioning Technician Training to provide a range of advice, tools and on-site support to build your confidence in setting up and preparing the captioning equipment in advance of the captioner delivering a captioned performance.

Training will include:

  • How to correctly set up and take down the Captioning Equipment.
  • What to expect during a captioned performance.
  • Good practice when operating the Captioning Equipment.
  • Understanding the software.
  • What to do if something goes wrong.
  • What’s next for access and inclusion – understanding and preparing for technological developments

This training is open to all theatre technicians whether they are currently training, based in a venue or freelance. Instruction manuals and videos will also be available. This is not Captioner training. This event is being co-hosted and supported by the Lyric Theatre Belfast.

Theatre and Dance NI have been providing Captioning equipment to our venues and companies across Northern Ireland since 2012 to assist them in providing access to theatre and live performances for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Digital 4 have pioneered the development of Theatre Captioning to improve access to the Theatre for the UK’s 12 million deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing supplying captioning unites to theatres throughout the UK, in Germany, and the USA.

Captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a live event into text and displaying the text on a screen, monitor, or other visual display system. Captions not only display words as the textual equivalent of spoken dialogue or narration, but they also include speaker identification, sound effects, and music description.

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