Theatre and Dance NI have their own Captioning Equipment available to hire. The breakdown of the equipment specifications can be found in the Theatre and Dance NI Captioning Service Guide. This also details the cost of hire, booking process and a list of captioners.

Theatre and Dance NI Captioning Service Guide

All hirers will have to source and contract their own captioner to operate the equipment separately. There is a set fee for the captioner of £500. Please consider for any additional hours the national living wage in Northern Ireland is £8.91. If unsure on appropriate payment, please contact Stagetext.

Hirers will be required to organise insurance cover for the duration of the hire of the equipment. Hirers are responsible for the safe collection and return of the captioning equipment. Please consider when booking equipment, an up to date script and dvd of the production have to be available a few weeks in advance in order to deliver a successful captioned show.

To book the captioning equipment, click here.