CASTING CALL: PAID (Profit share)

‘The Wife and me…and a girl called Ruby’ is a new play which follows husband and wife Mike and Alison as their marriage falls apart due to Mike starting a relationship with Ruby, a sex doll.

The show will be running for 3 nights in May at Accidental Theatre. It will be performed in front of a live audience (Covid permitting) and also be streamed. Great opportunity to be seen by agents/casting directors.

Rehearsals in evenings/one day at weekend throughout May.

Please send CVs/headshots to:

ALISON: Alison is a photographer, the breadwinner of the house and the long suffering wife of Mike. She carries her husband through his sexual and mental issues but regains her passion in photography and finds a new direction in her life. Looking for an actress in her 30s/early 40s.

RUBY: Ruby is a sex doll. Please note there is no nudity or sex scenes. Ruby has been purchased by Mike, who sees her as a real person. She has a level of artificial intelligence so is learning who she is. She is programmed for pleasure and to survive so can be manipulative. Looking for an actress with playing age of early 20s. Must be able to do an American accent.