Circusful is delighted to host two workshop opportunities on Friday 14th June and Friday 21st June by visiting artists Mélanie Monteiro and Callum Donald

These workshops are open to all levels, as long you have an active physical practice then you are welcome to join! Our 16+ members are welcome to sign up as well.

The workshops are £45 each or a discounted rate of £75 to sign up to them both.

To sign up, simply email to register or ask any further questions.

Acrodance and Handstands with Mélanie Monteiro and Callum Donald

Friday 14th June – 5:30-8:30pm

This workshop will explore technical and creative skills of acro-dance and handstands. It is open to all circus artists, acrobats, dancers and movers.

In the first half, we will explore a repertoire of ‘soft’ acrobatic techniques and learn the necessary progressions to achieve these skills. We make use of games and partnering exercises to learn the fundamentals of ‘soft’ acrobatics and develop the tools to refine these skills autonomously.

In the second half we will develop technical and creative skills in handstands, blurring the lines between handstands and dance, with a mixture of improvisation tasks and choreography. There will be a healthy mix of structured progression, guided exploration, and free play. This will be an energetic and feel-good workshop that will leave you with new acrobatic tools and a smile on your face.

Chinese Pole with Callum Donald

circusful acro and handstands flyer

Friday 21st June – 5:30-8:30pm

A Chinese Pole Intensive led by Callum Donald. This intensive will explore technical and creative tools on the Chinese pole.

We will examine different movement qualities to create a character and a personal style, as well as technical transitions and drops. Using all levels of the pole, we explore a repertoire of dance and floor acrobatics to enter and exit the pole. There will be a healthy mix of structured progressions, guided exploration, and free play.

Artist Bios

Mélanie is a passionate and dedicated mover with a monkey spirit and a deep fascination for the language of movement. She has been teaching for 10 years, and she’s excited to share her expertise with you. Come explore the intricacies of movement, nurture your creativity, and discover your potential in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.

Callum is a dancer and acrobat from Edinburgh, Scotland. He completed the professional circus arts course at INAC 2019-22, specialising in Acrodance and Chinese Pole. Callum has performed and taught across Europe and North America, working in collaboration with Erva Daninha, Remue Ménage, Circo Por Todos, and O Ultimo Mom.