Date: 29th October & 5th of November
Duration: 10am – 5pm
Location: Lyric Theatre Belfast

Clown Lab is Amadan Ensemble’s regular training programme giving participants the opportunity to explore their inner clown.

Clown personifies happiness & optimism; they meet every catastrophe with a smile & are delighted in the face of every flop. Amadan continues to provide new iterations of this training opportunity yearly and is delighted to see the impact of the previous programme on participants outlined below.

Led by Gemma Mae Halligan & Jude Quinn, combining their extensive experience in Clown and devised theatre, every session will begin with a short physical meditation to prepare our bodies & minds before using games & exercises to explore your Clown. The training will focus on:

  • Play- letting your mind run free into true spontaneity & creativity
  • Resilience & Confidence– being able to remain optimistic & joyful amidst certain disaster
  • Complicité & Receptivity- being open to the audience & any unforeseen occurrence
  • The Uniqueness of You- discover what is uniquely funny & special about you

This programme will build your confidence in front of an audience & help you accept
confusion & spontaneity with grace. Clown Lab is open to all arts practitioners in any stage of their practice/career and irrespective of their discipline as well as those outside the arts industry.

This iteration of ClownLAB will be a two day workshop from 10am – 5pm.

Book your ticket online through the Lyric Theatre website to secure your place.