Reading and writing change our perception of the world and ourselves. The same happens with movement. How do we infuse movement with words and words with movement? In what ways does each influence the other?

This isn’t merely a dance workshop for writers or a writing workshop for dancers. In this practice, we will explore the dialogue, intersections, and interplay between both disciplines. It welcomes individuals with or without prior experience in movement, writing, or reading who are intrigued by the fusion of these realms.

Although the workshop will be conducted in English, participants of all languages are encouraged.

Guided by simple principles, we will cultivate a present-active body through writing and movement, a body that both transforms and is transformed by written language. Our exploration of movement will involve the exchange of elements pertinent to spatiality, temporality, and the potential of the body.

Although you have the option to attend only one day, this is a two-day workshop. We recommend doing the two days of intensive workshop, as each day we will cover different aspects around moving, writing and reading spheres.

On Saturday, we will focus on a more personal and introspective production while on Sunday, we will work collectively on the moving texts generated the day before.

Book 2 days for the reduced price of £25.

June 22nd-23rd, 11am-3pm

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About the Artists

Luciana De Mello is an Afro-indigenous writer born in Argentina. She is the author of the novel Mandinga de amor and Ninguna calle termina en la esquina, a nonfiction book about the creative writing workshop she founded in one of the largest prisons in Buenos Aires. She has been writing about literature, feminisms and queer culture for the Argentinian newspaper Página 12 for nearly 20 years. She is also part of Mandacarú, a publishing house that translates cis and trans Brazilian women writers of African descent into Spanish. She is currently finishing her second novel. Luciana has been based in Belfast since 2022.

Lola Vera is a dancer and choreographer from Argentina. She was part of UNA (National University of Arts) Dance Company until 2018 when she moved to Brussels to continue her exploration of movement. In Belgium, she worked with Paola Madrid in the SORTA company, where she developed artistic and educational projects. She is a founding member of the LesSudakas collective, a group of Latin American artists based inBrussels. Currently, she works as a choreographer for audiovisual projects between Argentina, Belgium, and Spain and she is directing her first physical theatre piece, “Yo soy una fiesta,” with La Resistencia Teatre.