Dance Ireland working alongside ourselves at Theatre and Dance NI as well as other partners and colleagues across the island of Ireland have created the Dance Counts Survey. The survey aims to help us get a better sense of who we are advocating for, who works in dance, and what their work is like. This survey therefore seeks to ‘count’ dance, so we are better placed to make the case that dance counts!

We are encouraging everyone who works within, with, or for dance artists and productions in Northern Ireland, to complete this survey. This includes those who are making, performing, producing, engaged in technical, management, collaborating, or any work that is related to dance. If you are involved in any form of dance in Northern Ireland, we want to hear from you!

The survey responses will form the basis of a new Dance Counts report, and findings will be shared to build awareness and understanding of the dance sector amongst key arts and cultural stakeholders and wider publics, to inform future policy making in both jurisdictions, and to support academic research in the field of dance on the island of Ireland.

The survey addresses a need articulated by professional dance artists at our Co-Motion Dance Conference in Belfast in October 2019, and in the March 2021 Dance Think Tanks Report for a better understanding of the living and working conditions of dance artists across the island of Ireland.

The survey closes on the 14th October.

To fill in the survey, click here.