To celebrate ‘Learning at Work Week 2021’, we are delighted to share the feedback from our recent Digital Skills Programme.

TDNI’s Digital Skills Programme was designed to assist both members and non-members in digitally upskilling to assist with working from home and participating in online events and training. The UK Digital Strategy* (2017) identified four key barriers preventing individuals from being Digitally Excluded; access, skills, confidence and motivation. The Digital Skills Programme was designed to tackle these barriers and empower participants to further their social media and Technological Skills in a safe, judgement-free environment. Sessions included: Using Zoom, Using Teams, Using Excel, Social Media Savvy and Social Media Strategy Sessions. 

We would like to thank our amazing facilitators who created and delivered such engaging and interesting sessions. Ashleigh Watson from Copper Square NI delivered her ‘Social Media Savvy’ session to a large group and followed up with smaller group strategy sessions. In these sessions Ashleigh explored Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in more detail and gave actionable feedback to participants on how they can improve their online presence. Business in the Community NI, through their Skills Match programme, provided us with two outstanding volunteers, Chris and Aidan. Both extremely experienced and knowledgeable in IT, Aidan took our first session on ‘Using Zoom’. Chris took both our ‘Using Excel’ and ‘Using Teams’ sessions. We were so fortunate to work with such highly skilled facilitators.  

To read more about Digital Inclusion and Literacy, including the UK Digital Strategy (2017), visit The NHS Website on Digital Inclusion.

For more on Ashleigh Watson and Copper Square NI, including FREE tools for Social Media Planning visit Copper Square’s Website. Or connect with Ashleigh on social media:

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